Case Study

Haunted Poe

Canary Promotion created and executed a highly successful media relations campaign to develop a growing, citywide awareness of Brat Productions’ Haunted Poe - a theatrical reinterpretation of the traditional haunted house, inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe.

The PEW Center for Arts & Heritage released an Audience Engagement Study on the project, which received funding from the Marketing Innovation Program.  The production pulled in an audience of 5,347 theatergoers during the 2009 Halloween season – a record-breaking number for the company – and perhaps most notably, approximately 3,700 members of that audience were NEW theatergoers.

The study considers how the show’s run was positively impacted by the work of our media relations team here at Canary Promotion, in conjunction with marketing and community outreach by the folks at Lime Projects.

We’re thrilled to have our work highlighted in the study which says, “Press coverage of these events, secured by Canary Promotion, led to a growing citywide awareness of Haunted Poe, along with the media-rich blog, and the launch of a viral engagement campaign on Facebook and Twitter… With local free newspaper Philadelphia Weekly on board as the exclusive media sponsor of Haunted Poe, print, online, TV and radio outlets reported on everything from Poe’s Philadelphia connections to the live cockroaches and other macabre elements of the show.”

You can read the full study on the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage website, here.