Sruti presents Malavika Sarukkai in "Ganga Nitya Vaahini (The Eternal River)"

Canary is providing media relations for Malavika Sarukkai’s performance of Ganga: Nitya Vaahini (The Eternal River), presented by Sruti, The India Music & Dance Society. Read more »

The Garden

Canary Promotion will deliver media relations for The Garden, a new experiential work by Fringe Festival favorite Nichole Canuso, featuring the original music of Michael Kiley and James Sugg.

Tickets are on sale now for the September preview performances during the 2013 Fringe Festival presented by FringeArts. The Garden will premiere at full capacity November 1-17. Tickets will go on sale October 7.

Philadelphia Dance Projects Presents Dance up Close 2014

Canary Promotion continues its work with Philadelphia Dance Projects, offering full service media and public relations as well as social media consultation.


All this happened, more or less

April 3-5, 7:30 p.m. at the Performance Garage 

Headlong Dance Theater


“Who lives in Philadelphia?” asks Andrew Simonet, a Headlong co-founder and co-director. “Every home is its own universe. We are fascinated with the epic stories and the everyday rituals that live in every home. What mysteries reside in these households, and what conversations might happen if we open our doors a little? We hope to hear from households in all corners of Philadelphia and from people who are excited about sharing a cultural experience and are ready to take on this adventure.” Read more »

Philadelphia Dance Projects

Philadelphia Dance Projects (PDP) announces its second annual dance series, Philadelphia Dance Projects Presents 2010, to be held February 26 – March 20. PDP Presents 2010 will showcase thematic, multigenerational programming, pairing the next wave of contemporary dance artists making their mark in 2010 with influential figures from the 1970s and 1980s Philadelphia dance scene. Read more »

Nichole Canuso Dance Company

Nichole Canuso Dance Company (NCDC) creates dance-based projects exploring the complexity of human experience. Founded in 2004 by performer and choreographer Nichole Canuso, NCDC makes original work, performs, tours and teaches. Projects are developed through collaboration across disciplines with dancers, designers and musicians. Read more »

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Kate Watson-Wallace creates site-based performances that re-imagine everyday spaces - a contorted female solo in a bedroom closet, a combative duet in the back seat of a Chevy caprice, a woman covered in a repeating pattern of video graffiti. Her work choreographs spectator as well as performer, taking audiences on intimate, human-scale journeys through a row house, a parking lot, a dance club. Audiences meet the human body up close.

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Philadelphia Dance Projects

Philadelphia Dance Projects (PDP) supports contemporary dance through Projects that encourage artists and audiences to more fully participate and engage in the experience and pursuit of dance as an evolving form. Read more »

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We’ve always loved Nichole Canuso’s work as a dance artist and performer and her ability to create what she describes as “”dances that celebrate the awkwardness, humor and surprise in human experience.”  Canary created a website for Nichole’s company with subtle design elements that give a nod to the whimsy in her work, while keeping the images of her dance pieces and the latest news front and center.